200W Mono Solar Bundle: 2 Pcs 100w Solar Panels+MC4 ADAPTOR KIT+PWM 30A Charge Controller

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If you’ve ever wanted to try getting your electricity from solar power panels then this 200W Mono Solar Bundle is for you. Can you imagine paying less in electricity every month, well you can with solar power panels. Yes, you have Solar to pay out the initial $400 but if you add up the years of saving money than $400 is nothing compared to the thousands of #4 dollars you’ll save over the years.

Below are the components of the 200W Mono Solar Bundle


  • 2-100W Solar Panels=200watts
  • 1-MC4 Adapter Kit connects controller to panels
  • 1-PWM 30AMP Charge Controller-control center


To give an indication of what kind of electricity these solar panels provide a regular household uses about 30kwh a Power day or over 900kwh a month which is a lot. A cabin uses about 30-70 kwh a month. You are not going to use this product to power your entire house but you will be able to use this in a camper or to assist in different places of your home and take some pressure off the electric bill. It is an excellent way to start getting use to solar power so that if you desire you can get off the grid entirely.

Description of what you are getting in the 200W Mono Solar Bundle

The two solar panels of course are what you put out in the direct sunlight to draw the suns energy. Then wholesale mlb jerseys the MC4 adapter kit is the cables that connect cheap jerseys from China the solar panels to the PWM 30Amp charge controller. The controller looks and acts much like your air conditioner electric thermostat. You will have a battery connected to the controller as well that is getting charged Design by the sun and then the other connection is wherever you want the electricity to go, lights, radio, cell phone charger, etc. Make sure that whatever you connect is not too much for the system to carry.

You Will Need To Buy A Battery To Conduct The Electricity

The suns energy has to be converted into an understandable system for our household appliances Best and the battery is what does this. So not only do you need cheap nba jerseys the above starter kit you also need to buy a battery. Up to a 12V battery is what most solar panels use but follow cheap jerseys the directions of the kit and make sure that you are buying the proper voltage and style so that everything runs safely and smoothly.

Saving money and the environment is the trend now and for the future. Trying out solar power panels is a great way to start the process of living off the grid and utilizing one of the greatest sources of energy, the sun. With a little help and understanding it is quite an easy process to experience getting electricity from solar panels by using the 200W Mono Solar Bundle.


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