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How to choose the best payroll company

Bookkeeperco is no ordinary payroll company. For now, know that this Melbourne-based company provides their clients with accurate and timeous bookkeeping services to Melbourne-based commercial businesses and non-profit organizations. One such non-profit organization (NGO) on the Bookkeeperco payroll is Stand Up for Solar Power . Bookkeepers Co has been in the business for over twenty years.

Bookkerco offers their clients a premium, tailor-made personalised service devoid of mere copy and paste and data capturing obligations. Applying their expert knowledge on all accounting and bookkeeping principles and methodologies and GST legislation, the qualified accountants at Bookkeepers Co also provide their customers with accurate GST coding and classifications of all taxable transactions. For an NGO such as Stand Up for Solar Power this is an essential service.

Stand Up for Solar Power is Australia’s nationally powered campaign for a country powered mostly by the sun’s energy. They claim that their country wants a sun-powered future. It is estimated that over one million Australian homes are already powered by solar energy. These folks are already empowered. Not only do they make invaluable contributions towards reversing the horrific tide of global warming and climate change, creating environmentally sustainable communities and surroundings, they also save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their power bills.

But Stand Up for Solar Power believes that the transformation to solar power across all states in Australia is under threat. The NGO campaigners are adamant that large companies remain more concerned about their own profit motives and are lobbying vigorously amongst politicians to hold back this inevitable event. They are concerned that politicians have willingly or unwittingly halted the conversion to solar power and other sustainable sources of energy by more than ten years. The regular rumblings by Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, clearly shows that their concerns are real.

As always Stand Up for Solar Power are countering the anti-renewable dinosaurs. They are quite literally continuing to take a stand. But they also need more and more Australians to join their campaign. Supporters and other interested lobby groups in favour of solar power initiatives can simply sign up on Stand Up for Solar Power’s online petition form and post all their verifiable details.

The team at Stand Up for Solar Power have a progressive plan in place which they believe will see Australia powered by as much as fifty percent renewable energy by 2030. That’s less than fifteen years away now. It is also hard to believe that Abbott and many of the country’s politicians remain blinded to the massive potential for creating thousands of jobs for their voters and securing billions in investments for the country which enjoys above average exposure to the sun in comparison with the rest of the world.

Today Stand Up for Solar Power invites you to join the campaign to create a better and brighter future for your children and the nation’s prized assets, including the never say die Wallabies.

A Good Investment for the Home

A Good Investment for the Home

There is a chance that you would like to take another remortgage for your home but because of your bad credit, you are having a hard time doing that. First of all, you have to think about the real reason why you would like to get a remortgage. Is it because you would like to improve the current condition of your home? Perhaps you would like to have some investments that you think will be more beneficial in the future. Get to know more facts about remortgage here.

There are different things that people can consider to be a good investment for the home and one of these things is the installation of solar panels at home. Having solar panels can be a good investment but is it worth getting a second remortgage for your home even if your credit is not good enough? Do remember that there are always various companies that are willing to help you out but first you have to pay attention to the importance of solar panels and how they can be beneficial for your home.

A Good Investment for the Home

Some Benefits to Consider that Solar Panels can give

  1. Tax Breaks – Depending on your current location, you can actually benefit from the tax breaks that you can get from the government. Do remember that the amount that will be given plus the other benefits will surely depend on the place where you are located.
  2. Home Value Increase – Like mentioned earlier, placing solar panels at home can be considered a good investment and will surely increase your home’s value especially if you would place it on all the proper areas of the house.
  3. No Need to Rely Solely on Electricity – The items that are being used to create electricity are getting fewer and making use of solar panels will allow a lot of people to get energy from other sources such as the light of the sun that will not go away anytime soon.
  4. Great Design – You may not realize this yet but when you have solar panels at home, you can use these solar panels in order to effectively design your home. Make sure that you will hire the right people to do the design for you so that you will not have any problems.
  5. More Stable Source – You can be sure that your source for your electricity can be considered more stable and will still be useful even after some natural disasters that might occur.

Do remember that aside from solar panels, there may be other investments that you can get for your home. If you are still keen on getting second remortgage even with poor credit remortgages, you have to make sure that you will choose the right company to help you out. You have to remember that choosing the right company can be complicated. There are so many companies to choose from that will all promise to help you with the remortgage that you need but be wary too because some may be scammers that are just trying to get the title of your property for their own use.

Helpful Tips for Solar Panels Selection

Would you like to install solar panels in your home? Did you think of it as a way to promote renewable energy and save from electric bills? If so, you are in the right direction. But of course, you may find it challenging to shop for the best one that will suit for your requirements. Good thing a couple of solar panel reviews are available for public reading online. Also, you should consider some factors listed below.


The price tag of solar panel can be determined by its size (wattage), brand, size, warranty length and certifications. It is not a smart idea to choose a solar panel thinking only about the price alone. Doing so may not suite for the area where you like to install it. It might also lack the needed certificates that can be acceptable to get government rebates.

Solar Panels Selection

Warranty and durability

Just like any device that wishes to buy, durability matters. When the solar panel that you will buy comes with 10 year warranty and used in grid connect system, it can be expected that the panel can give you sufficient power within the 10 year duration as well.

When the panel is going to be utilized for critical system, you must not take the risk of setting up the solar panels that is made substandard or cheap. An indication that the solar panel is reliable is if it comes with 25 years of warranty.

Size and wattage

Keep in mind that the size of the solar panel based on its wattage is the basis of its price. It is in dollars for every watt.

The panel output likewise has an impact on the physical size of the solar panel.

The solar cells kind used for the production of the panel can likewise determine its size. A good consideration is for the overall system should have sufficient watts to power the appliances. The panel should also fit well where it will be installed.


Several debates are circulating about the efficiency of solar panel. This is in relation to the panel’s effectiveness to convert the sun rays to electricity. For this, it can be good to remember that a solar panel with 100 watt power is able to produce 100 watts regardless of the efficiency score. Read more at—Warnings-Regarding-DIY-Solar-Panels&id=3040384

Type of solar cell

This is divided to 3 main types of solar cells such as the mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon.

Suitability of solar panel

The mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline are both able to work in conditions of bright cool. On the other hand, the amorphous silicon can be better for higher temperatures.

For the large un-shaded roofs, the mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline can be best suited while for roofs with partial shading, amorphous panels should be selected.

No matter which technology is used, a full shade solar panel can only produce small amount of its rated capacity. This is why, the features of having shade tolerant could be quite misleading.

On the website found online, several solar panel advertisements can be found. It is best to know the brand and the size first prior to buying.