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Get LASIK Surgery and Throw Away Your Specs

If you are a solar panel enthusiast then you probably love ecofriendly upgrades that make life easier and more affordable.  Like sonar panels, LASIK surgery is expensive in the beginning since the surgery itself is quite expensive but it can save you a lot of money in the long run because the surgery can make life a lot simpler since you don’t need as many spec or contact lens upgrades and your eyesight will be greatly restored.   You can enjoy your work and your day without having to worry about specs breaking or losing a contact lens Visit Website.

LASIK is not effective for all problems

Not all eye problems can be repaired by LASIK surgery but the success rate for common vision imparities such as far and nearsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism are tremendously positive and many people were able to restore their eyesight. You will have to consult with a professional optometrist or surgery center to establish if your eye problem is correctible with laser surgery.

Get LASIK Surgery and Throw Away Your Specs

Get a free consultation!

Eye doctors in Sugarland TX provides clients with free LASIK consultation where they will determine the extent of your vision problems as well as any other issues that you may have with your eyes.  They will then provide you with the needed advice to help you make the best possible decision regarding LASIK.  They can also tell you what the likelihood is of restoring great vision and if you have a condition that is not suitable for laser eye surgery.

Is laser eye surgery a very big operation?

The surgery itself is dangerous and should be done by a professional but it only takes about 10 minutes per eye and you can get both eyes done at the same time. You should be able to head home shortly after the surgery. Once the surgery is done, your vision may be blurry due to eye drops and clear eye shields will be placed on your eyes to prevent you from scratching.  Your eyes can be sensitive to light and may feel uncomfortable for a few hours.  If you do experience a lot of pain, you should call your eye surgeon.

When to get back to work?

You can get back to work 1 – 2 days after getting laser eye surgery and enjoy the improvements that the surgery made on your vision.  For the first six months, you will have to do regular checkups to ensure that your surgery was successful and to ensure that your eyes are healing correctly.


There are basically only two alternatives to give you good vision if you don’t get the LASIK treatment;

Spectacles – specs can’t repair your eyes but can protect them and provide you with great vision for numerous different types of eye conditions.

Contact lenses – Contact lenses gives you great freedom and a great look because you can choose the color of your eye and there is no specs on your face.  No one will ever know that you have an eye condition if you wear specs.