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This Summer Turn Towards Solar Power and Reduce Your Electric Bills

In the recent times, the solar power industry has seen great developments. This advancement has opened innovative ways of going green and saving money- thus saving the planet. Yet most people living in urban areas are not ready to install a complete solar power system to generate electricity for their houses. However, as the proverbial saying goes- ‘Small steps lead to big changes’. Hopefully, this summer when the sun will be high in the sky, you will be able to quench your thirst with the help of these new juicers, without being taunted by your electric bills. Here are a few useful ways in which you can use solar energy in your house.

Indoor Solar Lights

A lot of electricity is wasted in our households every day whenever we use the regular lights. During the day the small batteries within the lights, store light energy to be used at night. In a world that is quickly running out of fossil fuels, it is high time that we start using solar lights indoors and save up as much fossil fuels as possible for the future generations.

This Summer Turn Towards Solar Power and Reduce Your Electric Bills

Outdoor Solar Lights

Backyards and gardens can be lit up using outdoor solar lights. With the variety of solar lights available, the grounds around the house can be decorated rather inexpensively. Earlier, the outdoor solar lights were not powerful enough to produce sufficient light. Now, with the recent advancement of technology, these solar lights are equipped with better quality batteries. These days, powerful solar powered floodlights are also available.

Passive heat storage tubes

Your heating bills can see a considerable amount of reduction if you start using greenhouse fiberglass tubes. These fiberglass tubes are pillar-shaped and are hollow inside. The mechanism works when this hollow is filled up with water and is placed in a place where it is exposed to the sun. These cylinders store the energy from the sun and then releases it around. Heating bills can be reduced greatly this way.

Solar Chargers for Electronics

Days of looking for electronic ports to plug in a charger has come to an end. The solar chargers can charge most electronic devices, like cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, etc. These chargers have different cords that are compatible with different devices. Such a charger can easily help you reduce your monthly electric bill, as we spend a lot of energy charging our devices on a daily basis.

Solar Oven

It is the time of the year when outdoor barbecue parties are common. Let me introduce you to Solar Ovens! Unlike the stoves that require charcoal and other fuels, it is convenient and cheap at the same time, as it requires nothing other than the sun.

The aforementioned ways of going solar are only for you to see how energy-saving, cost-efficient, and reliable the solar powered system can be. All being well, once you see for yourself the advantages, you will surely opt for the installation of a fully solar powered system in your entire house.

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Get an Egg Incubator for Your Solar Chicken Farm

Chicken or poultry farming is one of the businesses that have the lowest energy requirements.  The poultry farming battery cages are created to be cool and breezy to allow the chickens to breathe fresh air and protected against the sun when they are growing.  The feed is distributed manually and the water supply does not require the use of energy.  The only energy you need is occasional lighting during the night which solar panels easily provide for.  Most chicken farmers will purchase the chicks from large hatching firms to ensure that they are top quality chicks with good stamina but more and more poultry farmers are starting to hatch their very own chicks because it saves them a lot of money and they can control the quality of the chicks.

Get your own incubator

Egg incubators don’t require a lot of energy.  You should be able to run your incubator on a solar panel without any problems since the incubators only keep the eggs snug and ventilated.  It does not cook the eggs and thus doesn’t require that high energy level.  You could build your own egg incubator but these DIY incubators aren’t as economic or easy to use as the modern incubators.  The modern ones are also incredibly affordable so why would you possibly risk something doesn’t hatch properly when you could get a professional and modern machine at the same price?  There are plenty of different incubators on the market and they vary from small in size which only hatches 12 eggs at a time to larger ones with the capacity to hatch up to 41 eggs.  These automatic incubators are incredibly easy to use, and simple to maintain because they control their own humidity and airflow.  You can have a look at some chicken egg incubator reviews to find the best incubators for your unique needs.

Get an Egg Incubator for Your Solar Chicken Farm

Why you should hatch your own chicks

Healthier products – Lots of chicken hatchers will handle the eggs or chicks with hormonal treatments to get farmers to use their products more often since the chicks grows much faster.  These hormonal treatments can be dangerous to human consumption but goes undetected since there is no real proof that the treatment does have an effect.  You can hatch organic chicks that have not been treated at all and supply the public with the healthiest and freshest chicks, eggs and meat possible.

Save money – You can save a lot of money by hatching your own chicks because you no longer have to buy from expensive suppliers

More control – By hatching your own chicks you can control how many chicks goes through your poultry program so you can be more effective.

Sell chicks – If you are good at hatching eggs then you could always start supplying the public and neighboring farmers with the chicks.  You will become a supplier of chicks, meat and eggs and not just of meat and eggs.

Your chicken farm can run much smoother when you hatch your own chicks and you can experience new life each and every time you hatch a new batch of chickens.  Hatchlings are always the cutest and are always a wonderful experience that any farmer would love to look forward to.

Enjoy Your Green Home Even More with a Water Softener

If you love to invest in green and eco-friendly products such as solar panel systems and reusable items then you probably hate to spend a lot of money on heavy chemicals in order to get your home clean.  You also probably hate to replace your water heating appliances simply because this solar operated equipment is a lot more expensive than ordinary appliances.  A water softener can help you enjoy your green home so much more because you won’t need harmful chemicals to keep your home clean and you can save a lot of money on your appliances.

What is a water softener?

Natural water contains a lot of chemicals such as magnesium, calcium and metals. When the chemical count in natural water is high, your water is known as hard water.  Hard water makes home life tough because it causes health problems, it causes hard water stains in your home and it causes clogging and malfunctions in your plumbing and your water heating appliances.  A water softener filters natural water and removes these chemicals so your home will be cleaner and healthier.

Enjoy Your Green Home Even More with a Water Softener

Get the best water softener for your home

A water softener is a must for anyone who wants to live healthier and easier lives but you need to do proper research on the softeners before you invest in a system.  There are four major different types of water softener systems on the market and each of these systems vary in capacity, features, functionality and have different maintenance levels.  The best water softener for your home, you can have a look at some reviews so you can find out which system will work well with your home’s green systems and what the benefits of each of these systems are.

Signs that your water might be hard

There are a lot of signs that hard water leaves behind such as stained teeth, thinning hair, oily hair and skin conditions.  Hard water also leaves a lot of unsightly marks on your home because there are white stains on all of your glass ware, silver ware and on all of your stainless steel items in your home.

Soap reacts to the chemicals in hard water and will leave soap scum on your tubs and inside your showers, sinks and toilets.  The hard water will continue to create a buildup in your water heater appliances such as kettles and will continuously clog up your plumbing.

With a soft water system you can save a lot of money on replacing your already expensive solar appliances and you won’t have to spend that much on harmful chemicals that will cause damage to Mother Nature because your home will be much cleaner find more.  You don’t have to scrub tubs, sinks or any of your chrome and glassware.  Life will also be much sweeter simply because softer water tastes much better and you will look much better because your skin and hair will be much softer, more vibrant and your hair loss will be reduced a lot.