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Try Photography for a Business That Can Function On Solar Energy

Solar energy is helping a lot of businesses grow simply because these businesses can run and operate fully even though there is no energy source nearby.  Solar energy is used to fuel electric devices on towers, hilltops, remote destinations and much more. A lot of mobile businesses like food trucks also use solar energy to function since they can move around freely without the need of electricity. One of the best small businesses that you can start now and run completely on solar energy is a photography company.

Try Photography for a Business That Can Function On Solar Energy

Top benefits of photography businesses

  • With a photography business you can see the world and take wonderful photo’s in different destinations, towns and even internationally
  • You can easily relocate since your company can function from anywhere in the world
  • You will know how to take beautiful pictures of your family which saves you a lot of money
  • You attend a lot of celebrations and events
  • With photography you see something new each day and you meet new people all the time
  • There is good money in photography
  • You can work flexi hours

Get the right solar kit for mobile photography

Creating a mobile photography company is terrific because you gain a lot more freedom and you can earn a lot more since you are always ready to travel.  Here are the top things you need for a completely mobile setup:

Mini Van – With a minivan you can easily load all your gear and arrange them in a way that will make your photography setups super quick.

Camera – A good quality camera with the right lenses is one of the essential elements to becoming a good photographer.

Solar kit – A good solar kit will help you recharge batteries and electronics like your laptop wherever you go.  You can even implement solar panels on top of your minivan.

Stands – You will need a good stand for your camera as well as for your lights and backdrops.

Lights & reflectors – Good lighting will improve your photos.

Backdrops – With beautiful backdrops you can take studio quality photos wherever you go.

Photo props – Photo props can make your photos a lot better and will keep your clients and especially children clients entertained so you can take better snaps.

Laptop – A laptop is required for downloading your photos, promoting your business online and for editing.

Printer – You can even make money by developing some of the photos.

Software – The right software will help you edit much better for better quality photos.

Get the skills here

You can have the best, top rated gear in the world and it will still help you nothing if you don’t have the right education and skills.  On Creative Live you can learn photography online for free.  The website is loaded the best with tips and live online classes that can help you become a pro at photography.  The best part about the site is that you can learn all of the best skills from anywhere in the world or even on the go since all of the video tutorials are downloadable.

Things to Do While Waiting For Your Solar Panels to Arrive

The internet is one of the best inventions ever. With the internet everything is advancing.  Science is advancing, medical treatments are better and more possible, businesses thrive and each and every person on the planet can access goods, information and knowledge a lot easier.  You can also access solar equipment a lot easier thanks to online shopping.  In fact, you can get your entire home on solar energy without ever stepping foot outside of your home thanks to online suppliers.  The only downside to online purchases is waiting for your goods to arrive.  But luckily the internet also makes up for this little hiccup since there is so much you can do online while you wait.

Things to Do While Waiting For Your Solar Panels to Arrive

Learn about solar energy

The more you know about your solar panels and solar energy in general the better.  While you wait for your solar panels to arrive you can do some research.

Research solar panels – Learn all there is about solar panels, solar energy and the latest technology and breakthroughs of solar energy so you will have the best units for your home.

Learn how to install solar panels – It’s always best to hire a professional for your installations but a bit of knowledge about solar panel installations won’t hurt.

Find out how to maintain solar panels – Proper care and maintenance of your panels, batteries and solar kits will help your system function a lot better for a lot longer.

Enjoy a good laugh online

You can’t always just learn or shop for solar panels.  Eventually you need a break and what better way to take a break than with a bit of a laugh.

Read Comics – In the past, you had to go to a bookstore to buy comic books but now you can enjoy any comic you like on your phone.  One of the best comic illustrators to enjoy while you wait for your solar kit to arrive is Stephen Collins.  Stephen Collins received his first award in 2015 and was nominated as a Best Writer / Artist in the Eisner awards.  Since then his popularity has grown a lot and some of his comics are now featured in popular magazines and websites.  His book; The Gigantic Beard That was Evil, was shortlisted for Waterstones Book of the Year Award and.  His works are humoristic and just what you need to make time fly a bit faster.

Watch funny videos – YouTube has more funny videos to watch than you have time for in your life.  This is definitely one of the best sites to enjoy when you are waiting for something or have to kill some time.

Catch up with friends and news

A great way to pass the time and actually do something useful without actually working is staying in touch with friends.  People have a tendency to spend hours on social media sites without saying a word to anyone.  They just browse through everything that everyone else is doing or saying.  If you want to really make the most out of your waiting period ten you should dig a bit deeper and actually talk to some of the people online.  You will be surprised by how fast time starts to fly when you communicate.

Best Cities for Living off the Grid with Solar Power

The idea of living off the grid appeals to many people. With the ability to access much of what you need without using public utilities, you can maintain a fairly secluded lifestyle. Part of starting this lifestyle includes the use of alternate energy sources for any of your needed power. This can make solar panels an ideal option depending on where you live.

Before you buy cheap flight tickets to find your new home, consider these locations for their solar power potential.

Best Cities for Living off the Grid with Solar Power

Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s hard to imagine a better place for solar power than Honolulu, Hawaii. Not only is solar a popular options amongst those who call the city home, it is an ideal environment for this alternative form of power. This means that you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding a professional to help with solar panel installations if your current dwelling doesn’t already have them available.

It is important to note, that property in Hawaii can be quite expensive. The cost of living may also be quite high. However, if you plan to live a life fully off the grid, some of these issues may not be a concern for you.


With so much of the landscape being outside of cities, and the high amount of sunshine most desert areas receive, it is no surprise that Australia is a choice location for those looking to live an alternative lifestyle. If you are truly interested in living in remote locations, having space all around you, then this may be a great destination for you.

Depending on how remote your location is, it may be challenging to have solar panels installed by a professional. In those cases, you may want to find a system that is fairly friendly to amateurs so that you can manage much of the task yourself.


Another state known for endless sunshine is Arizona. For example, Prescott sees an average of 277 sunny days a year. The highest annual temperatures tend to hit just below 90 degrees, but the lows can fall below freezing. This makes it a great option for those who want to enjoy the sun without sweltering desert temperatures. If you prefer to be near a larger city, and don’t mind the summer heat, Phoenix has around 299 sunny days every year and Tucson sees an astounding 350 days of sun.

With Arizona’s reputation for sun, finding a professional installer shouldn’t be much of a challenge. It is important to note that if you were hoping for well water for your property, you will need to select your location carefully.

Alberta, Canada

While Canada isn’t known for its sunny weather, the Alberta area actually enjoys a lot of sunshine. In fact, nearby Manyberries sees 332 days of sun a year. With that much light, you can certainly harness enough solar power to meet your needs. Being near a large city means professional installation is likely available, so taking your power off the grid shouldn’t be a big challenge.

Canary Islands, Spain

For fans of fiestas and siestas, the Canary Islands receive an average of 11 hours of sun every day during the summer. This can be an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of solar power while being relatively close to mainland Europe.

Top Electricity Free Ways in Which Women Can Slim Down

It is important for each and every person in the world to save as much electricity as possible because by consuming electricity more and more of our world’s natural resources are harvested in order to make more and more electricity.  Workout gear such as treadmills can take up a lot of energy in your home and should be avoided when you are operating on a delicate solar panel system.  Here are some of the best training products that can help women slim down without using any electricity.

Wear a waist trainer

Waist training is at the top of the list of electricity workout gear because you can actually get skinny without any energy at all.  That includes electrical energy and body energy.  Waist trainers have hit the market by storm because women all over the world have rediscovered the functionality and benefits that they get from waist training. A waist training corset is a simple clothing item that can be worn underneath any outfit, at home, at work or on the go.  The corset adds heat and pressure to stubborn body fat in your tummy, back and love handles which help your body target the fats in these areas so you can slim down.  The best part about using the training corsets for body shaping is that you can finally get that desired hourglass look without having to break a sweat in the gym.  When you do however work out in the gym you also improve your workout since the trainer helps you target the mid-section and you add extra support to your back which is terrific for keeping you safe when you do tough workouts. You can check out some waist trainer reviews to find the best waist trainer that is sure to help you slim down a lot faster.

Top Electricity Free Ways in Which Women Can Slim Down

Workout bike

Workout bikes are great fun and incredibly easy to use.  They don’t require electricity which means your solar panels won’t have to suffer while you work up a good sweat.  When you have your own workout bike you can work out at any time convenient to you and you can lose a lot of pounds by cycling while you enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Loop bands

Loop bands are some of the most flexible workout gear out there.  They don’t use any electricity, they are compact enough to store away easily, you can take them anywhere and you can get a full body workout by only using your loop bands.


Lifting weights is terrific for targeting stubborn upper arm fat and for toning your back, arms, tummy and even your legs.  When you lift weights you tone and firm your body up a lot and you build gorgeous muscles that are sure to help you look terrific in any bikini.


Running is one of the most affordable and healthiest weight loss methods out there because you get out of the house for a bit of fresh air and you burn tons of calories.  Running is one of the few workouts that gives you mental and physical relieve since you get to explore nature and scenery while you are working on your body.