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Yes, You Can Run Your Small Business on Solar Energy

When most people think of solar energy on a personal scale, they imagine installing panels on their home. However, the same solutions that can be placed on a house can often be installed on business locations as well. Whether you run a small retail space, restaurant, or medical lab like True Health Diagnostics, solar energy can help lower the costs associated with operating your business.

To help you prepare your business for solar energy, here are a few tips to get you started.

Yes, You Can Run Your Small Business on Solar Energy

Understand Your Energy Use

Before beginning a solar panel installation, you need to understand how much energy your business requires during regular operations. Luckily, this information is actually pretty accessible. Most electricity bills include details regarding your monthly usage. Some even present the previous 12-months data as well as a monthly average on every bill.

The reason this information is important is it will help determine how many solar panels you will need to meet your energy requirements. This information is included in a formula that takes into account the amount of solar isolation the area receives as well as the efficiency of the solar panels themselves.

Contact Professionals

In most cases, a solar panel installation is more than an individual should handle unless they are working in construction or as an electrician. And, even then, it still might not be a good idea to manage the project alone.

Professional installers will be able to help determine exactly where your panels should be placed to ensure the most favorable exposure. Additionally, they will be able to manage any permit requirements or changes to your panel or meter. In some cases, your electric company will need to update your meter, especially if there is a chance your system will produce more power than it needs, allowing your excess energy to be fed back into the grid for a profit.

Have a Backup

Since most businesses rely on electricity for at least some of their operations, it isn’t always wise to completely disconnect from your current power source. Even if you have solar panels, you can still use your local utility provider to supplement your electrical needs when the panels can’t produce enough on their own. That way, you don’t have to worry about the lights going out because you underestimated your power needs.

Additionally, solar panels are just like any other piece of equipment or system in the building; it will degrade with time and will need maintenance. Depending on how things age, certain portions of the system may fail or require repair. Should an issue present spontaneously, it is better to have a backup source of electricity available to cover your needs until repairs can be made.

Be Conscientious

Even if you have solar power, you can still work to save electricity. By being mindful about your use of power, you can lower your usage levels. In cases where your excess power goes back to the grid, this can actually help you make money over the long-term. If not, then you can work to improve your habits so that one day all of your needs can be met through your panels.

Yes, saving electricity can require some adjustments. But, once the changes become a habit, you may be surprised how easy it is to keep sticking with them. Especially, if checks from the electric company start coming to you instead of the other way around.

Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Homes

There are lots of benefits to buying an energy efficient home.  When you have an energy efficient home you can enjoy a much lower living expense because your electricity bill is reduced.  You are also saving the environment because you are no longer consuming as much of our worlds natural resources and solar energy pollutes the air and world a lot less than normal electricity production does.  With an energy efficient home you can ease through blackouts and you aren’t bothered by increases in electricity prices as much.  Here are some great tips for buying an ultimately energy efficient home;

Look for timber homes in cold areas

Timber homes or wood homes are naturally a lot warmer.  The wood flooring and wood walls has a way of locking heat inside so you and your family will need less heating appliances and thus consume a lot less energy during winter.

Look for homes with good solar systems

If you can find a home that already functions on solar energy then you have a true gem.  Solar energy is the way of the future and the best, most eco-friendly to run your home.  The only downside is that solar homes are often a bit more expensive due to their conversion and functionality.

Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Homes

Look for homes that can easily be converted to solar energy

If you cannot find a solar home then you can always look for a home that can easily be converted to solar energy.  Solar systems are now more affordable than ever before and the solar gear is commonly found in online stores.

Remember the environment

It is important to remember your environment when looking for energy efficient homes.  Solar homes are only good in sunny areas.  If the weather is always cloudy, you can soon experience difficulties with your homes energy levels.  If your location is in a hot area then a brick home might be more energy efficient since they are naturally cooler.

Look for a good community

A good community can help your home life a lot.  In a good community, people tend to the environment and clean up after themselves.  It’s important to interlink with a good community so you can be safer and because working together is great for saving natural resources.

Find areas that are thriving

Investing in thriving areas that already have good alternative energy systems set up is probably one of the best steps you can take because there is less to build and less of the environment to demolish for your home.

Let a real estate company do the hard work for you

A real estate company can help you find the best, cheapest and most energy efficient houses for sale in Mission BC.  When you work through a real estate company you are much more likely to find the type of house you are looking for.  You are also much more secure when you buy through real estate companies because they do thorough research on the homes, environment and market prices to ensure that you are making the best buy at the most affordable rates.