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Solar Powered Cell Phones

We tend to think of ourselves as hugely advanced in the realm of technology. Yet, many of us are wondering why we still don’t have solar powered cell phones. We are wondering if there’s some sort of conspiracy theory about battery manufacturers putting the kibosh on the development of cell phones that won’t require them. Maybe the exploding cell phone batteries that have been involved in recent news will change that.

However, until we see an influx of solar powered cell phones, we will still need access to information about getting an iPhone 6 battery replacement. Luckily, that process is made easy by its Amazon availability. In fact, you can get a CE/ROHS certified replacement battery for $19.95. And, if you are unsure about how to replace it, there are a number of YouTube videos available to help you with that task. So, until we can rid ourselves of these batteries and welcome solar versions, this is our best answer. But, solar powered phones are definitely on the horizon. Keep reading to learn more about that.

Solar Powered Cell Phones

Here Come the Solar Powered Phones

It would appear that Samsung had a solar powered phone available as early as 2009. They created the Blue Earth phone. It is a green touch phone that has a full solar panel located on its back to generate all the charge you need to keep your phone going. And yet, it is still small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Learn all about it.

This particularly amazing green phone is all the more impressive when one considers that it was constructed out of recycled water bottles. The phone came with a pedometer, CO2 emissions calculator, and an energy saving mode built in. Packaging was supposed to be just as minimal, being constructed out of recycled paper. Though it was brought to the forefront of thought at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, back in 2009, we still haven’t seen any major movement in that arena. So, why?

Why Don’t We Have Them in Our Hands Yet?

If the first solar-powered cell phones came out in 2009, why don’t we see them all over the place now that it’s 2017? What’s the problem? Apparently, Kyocera was supposed to present its solar-powered smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress in February. And, now that it’s March, we have to wonder what is going on? Why don’t we have them in our hands yet? Read more about Kyocera’s ideas.

You can find solar powered parking meters and street lights all over the place. Even the flashing school zone signs are solar powered. If we can make these things so readily available, what’s the disconnect in the cellular world? It would appear, that a big issue is the places we store our phones and where to set the photovoltaic cells based on that condition.

Kyocera’s design allows the touch screen to house the photovoltaic film developed by Sunpartner Technologies. And, it would appear that addition won’t cost much. However, these phones will be better marketed toward those who are in industrial positions or utilize their phone’s outdoors. This is because most of us stick our phones in our purses or pockets. Without access to the sun, solar cells don’t charge.

There’s a lot more to learn about this technology and how best to implement it. If you are wholly intrigued though, feel free to read the entire article here.

10 Ways to Soak Up the Sun

Spring is just around the corner and everyone is looking for ways to have fun in the sun! If you’re looking for different family-friendly ways to soak up the sun, check out this awesome list!

10 Ways to Soak Up the Sun

  1. An incredible approach to make the most of spring’s gentle temperatures and daylight is with a scavenger hunt. Regardless of whether your hunt incorporates collecting leaves or discovering pieces of information in a close-by stop, a scavenger hunt gets your family outside to visit their most loved neighborhood spots.
  2. Another approach to keep the children active outside for a considerable length of time is by utilizing your garage as a monster palette for sidewalk chalk creations. Check out Pinterest for motivation and more ideas.
  3. There’s in no way like an outing when the climate is pleasant, particularly when you can ride your bicycle to the ideal spot. Pack your most loved snacks and a cover, head out and make your way towards the park or the beach.
  4. Start up the grill, just this time rather than the burgers and franks, go for custom made barbecued pizza, barbecued pineapple/pepper/turkey kabobs, barbecued quesadillas or barbecued watermelon with feta and mint.
  5. You don’t need to drive for quite a long time to locate the ideal place to set up a portable tent. What about outdoors in your own lawn? The best portion of outdoors in your terrace is you don’t need to pack up everything and the kitchen sink. So get together your most loved snacks and enjoy sun in the spring. In case you decide to make way towards your garden, make sure to get in touch with to avail tree lopping services and to clear up your garden of extra shrubs and plants.
  6. Farmer’s markets – Shopping at your neighborhood outdoor market makes you walk in the fresh air and sunlight, and you can stock up on sound new foods in the meantime. What you’ll require: Comfortable shoes and attire – A reusable sack to carry your purchases – Cash for purchases
  7. Parks and Nature – Walking, running, kayaking and bicycling are only four ways you can explore nearby stops and enjoy public spots. What you’ll require: Money for stopping – Comfortable shoes and attire – Sunscreen – Drinking Water – A camera and binoculars (discretionary)
  8. Strolling/Running – There are various ways committed to safe strolling and running in different parts of Canada. What you’ll require: Comfortable shoes and apparel – Drinking Water – Sunscreen
  9. Biking – You needn’t bother with an exceptional place to bicycle, yet in the event that you need to attempt another course, look at another bicycle way in your general vicinity. What you’ll require: A bicycle (search for rental open doors in the event that you don’t possess one) – Safety equipment including a bicycle head protector – Money for stopping – Drinking Water – Sunscreen – Comfortable shoes and garments, ideally bright colored and reflective garments on the off chance that you ride on the roadway
  10. Paddling and Kayaking – Whether you dispatch straight from the beach or at one of the zone’s famous water trails, you’ll get a workout. You may even attempt a touch of kayak fishing! What you’ll require: A kayak, kayak (search for rental open doors in the event that you don’t own one) – A life jacket – A swimming outfit or other apparel – Waterproof sunscreen and defensive caps and attire – Drinking Water

How to Stay Safe Under the Sun

We are all aware of the advantages of solar energy and solar power, but when it comes to us human beings, too much of sun exposure can be dangerous. Getting a good dose of Vitamin D is okay, but spending continuous periods of time under the scorching sun can not only cause burns and rashes but also contribute to skin cancer. If you want to have fun in the sun, but at the same time keep yourself safe, check out these tips:

#1 Keep Your Hat On

Experts at the University of North Carolina say that melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancers, often starts on the scalp or neck. Additionally, it is warned that when it does, it can be twice as lethal than somewhere else. At the end of the day, wear a cap in the sun.

Pick work over design and pick a cap made of firmly woven texture or straw with a three extensive overflow and in a dull color. For additional assurance, search for a mark that rundowns an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), the measure of UV radiation the texture squares. An UPF of no less than 30 will keep you safe from the harsh sunlight.

How to Stay Safe Under the Sun

#2 Understand Your Sunscreen

Disregard sunscreen that has a SPF lower than 15 or that has passed its expiry date. The main advantage you will get from slathering it on is a light arm workout. Your decision of sunscreen ought to be founded on two key variables – your skin type and condition.

On the off chance that you have sensitive skin that burns easily, utilize a sunscreen with a SPF of no less than 30. This same theory applies to elder people whose skin is extra sensitive. On the off chance that you have dry skin, rub on a cream or moisturizer sunscreen. Those with oily skin or who plan to walk or lie on the beach ought to utilize a gel that dries on the skin without leaving a film.

On the off chance that you are expecting an entire outing in the sun, then pick a sunblock like zinc oxide to keep any daylight from penetrating through your skin. Make sure to re-apply your sunscreen after your skin has been exposed to water. This means once you’re back from your kayaking adventure, re-apply your sunscreen. If you’re into kayaking, then check this out for more information and awesome products.

#3 Step Out When It Is Safe

The sun is at its most grounded in the vicinity of 10am and 4pm, even on an overcast day, so spend those six bursting hours in the protective shade. Also, before venturing out into a sunlit spot once more, compute the amount UV exposure you are setting out toward by utilizing the shadow rule: If your shadow is taller than you (early morning and late evening), it implies your UV exposure is probably going to be low. In the event that your shadow is shorter than you (early afternoon), it implies you are likely being exposed to high UV levels.

#4 Avoid The Oils, Drink The Tea

Avoid basic oils like bergamot, angelica and lemon verbena, which can contribute to an increase in sun sensitivity. The cancer prevention agents stuffed into each leaf of green tea, then again, have skin-securing benefits so make sure you get some of that good stuff!

What to Do If Your Rooftop Is Not Suitable for Solar Panels?

Solar energy is the best type of alternative energy that home owners can use simply because the sun is one of the most reliable energy sources there is.  Sure, wind terminals can be terrific for generating power in windy areas but these are often too expensive for singular homes. With solar energy you only have to worry about lingering stormy weather because too much cloudy weather for too long will result in low energy levels for your batteries.  But besides this one issue, solar panels are terrific.  You can run just about any object in your home on solar energy and you will be saving a lot of cash in the long run by going solar. Only major electrical appliances like your microwave, stove and kettle will have to rely on another energy source to function properly but all other lighter electrical appliances should be just fine.  But what if your home’s rooftop is not suitable for solar panels?  The rooftop is after all the ideal location for your panels because criminals will have a hard time snatching up your expensive solar panels and adding the panels to your roof will save up a lot of yard space.  So what do you do if your roof is not strong enough or simply unsuitable for solar panels?

What to Do If Your Rooftop Is Not Suitable for Solar Panels?

Consider an alternative solar stand

You can get a solar stand made but you will need a lot of yard space for this and you are probably going to lose a lot of trees.  Solar panels can take up a lot of space which is why the rooftop is the ideal location.

Get your rooftop replaced

The best thing you can do is to get your rooftop strengthened or replaced.  With a high quality rooftop your home will be a lot more secure against robberies and you will have the perfect space to add your solar panels without them ever being in the way.

Use KennedyRoofs for all your roofing needs

KennedyRoofs is a fantastic company that you can trust for all of your roofing needs.  They specialize in rooftops and rooftops only.  This fantastic company dos rooftop replacements, rooftop repairs, they fix roof leaks and they repair wind and hail damage for both residential and commercial rooftops.  They can instantly get your roof replaced, modified or reinforced so you can add your solar panels and enjoy a much more ecofriendly lifestyle. They can get any type of roof repaired, replaced or installed and they also offer terrific discounts to businesses and home owners that have large rooftops.

Kennedy Roofs can also do roof repairs

Another great reason to get acquainted with Kennedy Roofs is because of the fact that they can get your roof repaired in case of a natural disaster such as hail damage and wind damage.  With a professional at your rooftop you will never have to struggle to get your roof repaired and your solar system will be repaired as safely as possible so you can continue using your alternative energy resources for as long as possible.

Latest Technologies for You

As the technology is evolving with time, the human eye is able to see new and latest advancements and changes in the way of living. With these advancements, everyone in this World seems to have some avail advantage.  From serving the customers using the robots to providing the customers with an opportunity to choose their dresses by seeing how the clothes would look on them on a digital screen, technology has made it all very easy!

Latest Technologies for You

The best thing is every person living on earth gets benefits of these technological advancements. Furthermore, the new progressions that keep coming are the ones that no one ever expects to get to know about. If you have been away from the news and do not know what the technological advancements have been done lately, read this article to know more exciting things about IT:

  • Solar Panel:

The news of the invention of solar panel had swept everyone off the feet when it had come out. However, now the chargers have been invented that let everyone charge their panels. These chargers now come up with a dual USB portal. The quality of these chargers is quite great and everyone who has had the opportunity of using it till now has been really satisfied with it. These chargers are even compatible with the iPhones as well as with the Android devices.

  • LED Dog Collar:

If you are a pet lover, you must have been worried always about the safety of your pet. If you have a dog, you must have noticed that he loves to go out and roam around. Moreover, if your dog loves to play out, you don’t have to worry about its safety anymore. The reason behind this satisfaction is the LED dog collar. Fastening the yippr usb rechargeable light up led dog collar around the neck of your dog will protect your dog. If your dog is moving on the pathway, a colorful light of dog collar device turns on that allows all the bike riders to see your dog and that is very helpful to protect your dog from an injury. In addition, its’ charging lasts for more than seven hours.

  • Netflix Picker:

This one is really cool and innovative! If you are addicted to Netflix like the rest of the world, you do not have to do anything at all in order to see your favorite shows anymore. Mindflix, known as a head band helps you in picking your required movie show just with the radiations of your mind. You just need to think of the movie or show that you would like to watch and the band will detect it for you. Moreover, by doing so, it would change the show that is presently played and will start the one that you would like to watch. Now you do not need to get up from your seat. All you have to do is to just think and the show will be played itself.

  • Selfie Drone:

If you love to take hundreds of selfies a day, there is good news for you. You do not need to use your phone anymore and take the selfies from difficult angles. A new drone has been introduced that helps you out in taking selfies for you. Air-selfies is one of the newest trends and it takes the perfect shot for you. These drones can move up to 3 inches offering you to get great pictures. Furthermore, you can handle options of your Selfie Drone using your Apple iOS or an android handset. Sending pictures using the Wi-Fi instantly is another cool feature of this drone.

Outdoor Solar Lighting – A Few Benefits

There are different things that have changed from before. If in the past, people were used to not having electricity, people are now finding other sources of electricity to ensure that they will not run out. It is a well-known fact that the source of electricity right now is non – renewable. A lot of people cannot imagine what will happen if they would be forced to live again in a world without electricity as well as other appliances that have made life more comfortable.

Whenever you go fishing, do you make use of items that require batteries? Even if you are using a fish finder, this still makes use of electricity. Some fish finders come in gadget form with batteries that you can charge while other fish finders come in applications and you can simply download the application on your mobile phone. In order to make choosing easier, you can check out fish finder reviews. For sure you will find some that will work best with what you need.

Outdoor Solar Lighting - A Few Benefits

One of the main sources of alternative energy right now is solar energy. A lot of people are starting to place solar panels on their roof. The energy that they get from the sun is used for their lights. At times, people do not use solar panels anymore. They just make use of solar outdoor lights that will automatically turn on when the surroundings become too dark. Do you want to know some of the benefits that you can get when you use outdoor solar lighting? Learn more about having a solar home here. You can remember the following too:

  1. You do not need to install outlets outside your home anymore just to light them up at night.

Installing some outlets in various parts of your home is already complicated enough. In fact, you may need to hire professionals to be sure that everything is installed correctly. If you make a mistake, this can lead to fires and even other electrical problems. You can avoid issues related to outlets and wiring by having your own outdoor lights.

  1. They are considered cheap.

It is possible that you have checked out OutdoorTricks in order to learn details on how you can save up on the things that you would need to use for outdoor activities. You already know that using solar lights can help you save too. Aside from being cheaper than the usual electricity powered garden lights, the process that you have to do to set them up will not require you to hire professionals anymore.

  1. You can help the environment.

Are you concerned about the environment and the things that are happening to the world so far? You know that climate change is already starting to become apparent in various parts of the world. Small changes with your current lifestyle and choices can be beneficial for the environment. Perhaps aside from solar lights located outside your home, you may start using other solar powered appliances. Your decisions will make a big impact in the world that we live in.

There are a lot of benefits that can be received with the use of solar powered lights. The moment that you install it right at your own home, you may be able to think of more.

Using solar power for camping

Camping is always fun especially if you go fishing and enjoy other outdoor activities like hiking and enjoying nature. There are some of us that enjoy the comforts of home and that aren’t really fond of roughing it completely. This is the main reason why it is such a good thing that we can use solar panels for our camping trip to make things a little easier. Imagine the possibilities of free power from the sun and being able to enjoy a hot shower and other amenities while you are camping. Solar panels are great for your home and should be just as great for your home away from home in the great outdoors. There are so many benefits to using solar panels for your camping trip that include the very important benefit of being environmentally friendly. Click here to read more about solar panels and how they work.

Using solar power for camping

Generators are usually incredibly noisy and difficult to cart around plus you still need to buy gas to make sure they run. With solar panels you have the benefit of free energy and it is really quiet. That is a great benefit if you consider you are enjoying the outdoors and the sounds of nature. You don’t want to have to deal with an insistent whirring while trying to listen up for sounds in the wild. Fishing is also a relaxing and quiet activity that should not be hindered with noise. You don’t want to have a disruptive fishing experience so to experience something different take a look at Striper Express Guide Service for the best solution and alternative to traditional fishing methods. Learn from the professionals and have fun with something totally different.

You can purchase solar panel kits that you can take with you on your camping trip that are convenient to set up and simple to maintain. It is easy to decide how many panels you need because the amount of appliances and batteries you will be using will determine that. For example if you have a fridge you need to find out how many amps it will use in a day and add other appliances as you go along. Click here to take a look at other environmentally friendly camping methods. It is also important to look for solar panels that deliver quality; performance and convenience to make sure you don’t struggle with the set up or have to deal with any problems that might occur. Make sure that you have a controller that gives you the output that you need so that you don’t run out before time. It might seem a little difficult to move around but at the end of the day you will enjoy the benefits and relaxation that solar power offer on your camping trip.  It makes perfect sense that the little rovers on Mars run purely on the energy provided by the sun. In the great outdoors we should use all the resources that we have and enjoy combining it with technology.