How to Dress When You Are Doing Solar Maintenance and Repairs

Solar energy is often associated with the green life but is also associated with modern living, class, and style.  Most people who use solar energy care a lot about the environment and they love the feeling of independence. The owners of solar-equipped businesses and homes are often part of the elite group.

If you want to cater for a group of people from an elite and pristine class then you need to ensure that your solar company’s image falls into that category.  Your business image can affect your ability to get future customers and can affect your business reputation.

Most solar companies dress very functionally when they are doing solar maintenance and repairs.  Functional and casual clothing makes it easier to get up on rooftops where you have to do modifications, repairs and more.  But your casuals just won’t do if you want to maintain a professional image.

How to Dress When You Are Doing Solar Maintenance and Repairs

How to Dress When You Are Doing Solar Maintenance and Repairs

Here are a few tips for a great look and great comfort while you are assisting your customers.

Get the right shoes

A pair of great looking walking shoes is a must when you are visiting high paying customers.  Walking shoes are comfortable and they are designed to give you the needed traction when you are climbing up and down ladders and rooftops.  These shoes are also great for when you are spending a lot of time on your feet and when you are doing a lot of active jobs.  On Crow Survival you can find the Best Walking Shoes for Men.  All the men’s walking shoes listed on this review has a great overall look, is very comfortable and gives you great functionality.  Avoid sporty walking shoes and go for a more professional, steady and formal look and you will look amazing on the job.

Wear your uniform

If you have a uniform or uniform shirt then you should wear it.  Uniforms are great for brand awareness and for establishing your identity.

Pick a smart casual shirt

Choose a smart casual shirt, like a button up shirt if you don’t have a uniform.  Safari, military or cargo shirts are also great looks for men and give you great comfort when you are on the go.

Jeans or cargo

Jeans are very functional.  They are great for a casual and even smart casual look.  Alternatively, you can choose cargo pants or shorts. These always look great, have a smart vibe to them and are a good image for when you are going to visit customers.

Groomed is always good

Staying groomed is one of the most important parts of creating a great image.  With a great looking haircut and a trimmed beard or a clean shave, you will fit right in at any location.

Minding solar panels is hard work and staying groomed and stylish seems like you are making work even tougher but with the right type of shoes, the right type of attitude and the right type of haircut you can be pristine easily and quickly.