How to Remove a Bee Infestation from Your Solar Panels

Bees are incredibly important to our world.  The honey bee is the only organisms on earth that is capable of creating honey and bees in general are mainly responsible for the pollination of flowers so plants can produce fruits and vegetables.  There is no way to replace honey or the effectiveness of bee’s natural work in our world.  Bees can however be incredibly dangerous to people who are allergic to them and swarms of bees have been known to cause fatalities even for people who weren’t allergic to them.

How to Remove a Bee Infestation from Your Solar Panels

How to get bees removed from your home

Bees have a tendency to nest in any humid place that they feel secure.  This can include beneath solar panels or in the rooftops of homes and in trees which could make it hard for you to maintain your solar panels.  The best ways to remove bees is to call in professional help.  Click here to find out how professional pest controllers deal with bee infestations.

Bees that should be relocated

The honey bee is becoming scarcer in the modern world.  If you have a honey bee infestation, the colony is very likely to be hosting the queen bee in a nest somewhere in your home.  Relocating an entire bee hive might take some time because the removal team has to find the hive and block all the bees inside.  The hive should then be moved to a better area.  Once the hive is re-opened in the new location, the entire colony will remain where the hive is and relocation will be successful.

Bees that cannot really be relocated

Unfortunately the other bee species like Bumble Bees, Carpenter Bees, Ground Bees, Hornets and Wasps cannot be relocated because they don’t have colonies and their nests are easily discarded.  If you really have your heart set on removing these bees yourself, you should first dress in bulky clothing and find the nest.  Once you have located the nest, you should wait till after dusk and spray it with pesticides.  It is better to wait till after dusk because then the bees will be in one location and is less likely to sting you.  When the bees are dead, you can remove the nest and make sure that you don’t leave any bits of the nest behind.  Monitor the area and watch out for the beginning of new nests for the next few days.

How to get rid of bees naturally

If you are constantly being plagued by bees, then the best way to keep your home bee free is by investing in a few natural bee repellants.  Bees are attracted to sweet smells and repulsed by pungent smells.  You can chase bees out of your home by sprinkling garlic powder in the areas that bees are most annoying.  Citronella candles are commonly used for mosquitos but also work great to chase bees a way.

The removal of bees and especially large infestations of bees can be terribly dangerous to those who live in or have to work close to these bees.  Always use the necessary safety precautions when you attempt to remove a nest, especially if the nest is located high above ground level so you don’t end up falling and injuring yourself.

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