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Helpful Tips for Solar Panels Selection

Would you like to install solar panels in your home? Did you think of it as a way to promote renewable energy and save from electric bills? If so, you are in the right direction. But of course, you may find it challenging to shop for the best one that will suit for your requirements. Good thing a couple of solar panel reviews are available for public reading online. Also, you should consider some factors listed below.


The price tag of solar panel can be determined by its size (wattage), brand, size, warranty length and certifications. It is not a smart idea to choose a solar panel thinking only about the price alone. Doing so may not suite for the area where you like to install it. It might also lack the needed certificates that can be acceptable to get government rebates.

Solar Panels Selection

Warranty and durability

Just like any device that wishes to buy, durability matters. When the solar panel that you will buy comes with 10 year warranty and used in grid connect system, it can be expected that the panel can give you sufficient power within the 10 year duration as well.

When the panel is going to be utilized for critical system, you must not take the risk of setting up the solar panels that is made substandard or cheap. An indication that the solar panel is reliable is if it comes with 25 years of warranty.

Size and wattage

Keep in mind that the size of the solar panel based on its wattage is the basis of its price. It is in dollars for every watt.

The panel output likewise has an impact on the physical size of the solar panel.

The solar cells kind used for the production of the panel can likewise determine its size. A good consideration is for the overall system should have sufficient watts to power the appliances. The panel should also fit well where it will be installed.


Several debates are circulating about the efficiency of solar panel. This is in relation to the panel’s effectiveness to convert the sun rays to electricity. For this, it can be good to remember that a solar panel with 100 watt power is able to produce 100 watts regardless of the efficiency score. Read more at—Warnings-Regarding-DIY-Solar-Panels&id=3040384

Type of solar cell

This is divided to 3 main types of solar cells such as the mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon.

Suitability of solar panel

The mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline are both able to work in conditions of bright cool. On the other hand, the amorphous silicon can be better for higher temperatures.

For the large un-shaded roofs, the mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline can be best suited while for roofs with partial shading, amorphous panels should be selected.

No matter which technology is used, a full shade solar panel can only produce small amount of its rated capacity. This is why, the features of having shade tolerant could be quite misleading.

On the website found online, several solar panel advertisements can be found. It is best to know the brand and the size first prior to buying.

4 Benefits of a Solar-Powered Home

More and more homeowners are turning to clean energy to power their houses. Decades ago, this kind of technology was very limited and only a few homes supported it. However, the rise in popularity of the green movement has paved way for the public to become more aware of the different ways to be more environmentally friendly.

There are several ways to convert your home into an eco-friendly living space. One of the best options is to install solar panels and to harness the energy of the sun. Solar panels are devices filled with solar cells that convert the sun’s light into electricity. The more sunlight the cells absorb, the more electricity the panels are able to produce. This kind of technology is also called Photovoltaic solar power or PV.

If you have been meaning to do a house makeover, then consider installing solar panels. Your family will appreciate the regular upkeep that is essential in any household. Repainting and redecorating can easily be done with the installation of a new solar PV system. To save on the cost of repainting, look for the Best House painting in seattle websites. Make sure to check out their homepage and compare the prices.


Here are some of the benefits of utilizing the solar power technology for your home:

  1. Lower utility bills.

Although the initial installation and purchase of the solar panel units can be pretty pricey, this will all pay off in the future. Houses that have solar PVs typically have a dramatic decrease in their electric utility bills. Of course, this will largely depend on the power of the solar system that you choose to install. There are units that are more powerful than others and therefore, provide more energy to your house. After installing solar panels, your household expenses will significantly decrease and you can save more money.

  1. Increase your home value.

Your investment will add up to the value of your property so even if you decide to sell the house, you can still make money out of it. According to studies, homes with a solar panel system have an increased value when reselling. They are also 15% faster to sell than homes that do not have solar units installed.

  1. Simple maintenance.

While most people might be under the impression that these solar systems are complex structures that require high maintenance, they are actually pretty simple to maintain. These systems are built to last a long time. It has no moving parts and it can pretty much run on its own, with very little supervision needed. You can expect the solar system to work for about 25 years and more.

  1. Decreasing your carbon footprint.

The average American household usually generates about 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year just from electrical use. Carbon dioxide is very harmful to the environment and is one of the biggest causes of global warming. Installing a solar system at home will significantly decrease your family’s carbon footprint. Additionally, this can also help save more than 16,000 gallons of water per year. By switching to more sustainable choices in your everyday life, you will be dramatically erasing your carbon footprint and Mother Earth will thank you for it.

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Best Foldable Solar Panel Chargers

There are several foldable solar power chargers for your cell phone and small devices, but there are only a few that are considered the best solar panel cell chargers. There is always a time in our lives when we need to charge our cell phones, and there are no electrical outlets and having a foldable cell phone charger will definitely help. Anker, Allpowers, and RAVPower are three of the top solar panel chargers that are rated among the best.

RAVPower 15W Foldable Solar Power Charger with Dual USB ports

One of the best solar chargers is the RAVPower 15W Solar Power Charger with Dual USB ports. It has iSmart technology. The high tech helps deliver a very fast charge that is compatible with your Iphone, tablets, and other devices. For around $60.00 on Amazon, it is an inexpensive way to charge your phone for free by the sun. There are at least fifty customers very satisfied with the quality and functionality of this product. The RavPower is sure to come in handy on hikes and camping trips.


ALLPOWERS 16W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

The Allpowers 16W Solar Power Charger is also an excellent foldable solar power charger. It charges many versions of the Iphone, the Ipad mini, and many other devices. It’s superior quality ant-scratch panels deliver a very fast charge so you can continue talking in hiking conditions or wherever else you are going that you will not find an electrical outlet. At a round fifty dollars and over fifty positive reviews this foldable solar panel charger is another excellent choice when needing a solar power charger to save time and money.


Anker 14W Dual Port Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Another excellent foldable solar power charger is the Anker 14W Dual Port Foldable Solar Panel Charger. At around $60.00 and also on Amazon this foldable solar charger is also an excellent choice to keep you cell phones and small devices charged while out in the wilderness where there is ample sunlight. It has excellent solar power panels technology that delivers a charge fast and good. There are over fifty positive ratings for this charger as well.
When looking for a foldable charger Amazon is the place to go, because they carry three of the very best solar foldable chargers. All of the chargers are around sixty dollars and deliver a fast charge to most phones and small devices via USB ports. They also have another USB port for your friend to charge their phone. So when in the market for a foldable solar charger consider these three RAVPower 15W Foldable Solar Power Charger with Dual USB ports, ALLPOWERS 16W Foldable Solar Panel Charger, or Anker 14W Dual Port Foldable Solar Panel Charger anyone of these chargers are considered the best foldable solar panel chargers.


ALLPOWERS™ 16W Solar Panel Charger with PowersIQ™ Fast Charging Technology External Power Pack

4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

If you need an excellent solar power cell phone charger to carry with you to a place that has no electricity than Allpowers 16W Solar Panel Charger with PowersIQ Fast Charging Technology External Power Pack is the charger for you. It has the capability to keep small devices charged in remote areas that have ample direct sunlight for the solar cells to charge.

Things to know about the Allpowers 16W Solar Panel Charger

  • -2 2A USB ports
  • -Fast charging technology
  • -Iphone 6, Ipad Mini, Galaxy. Digital cameras, small speakers, and more charged
  • -easy design and lightweight for portability


Charging time for the Allpowers Charger

The question that a lot of consumers have is how long the solar chargers can take to power something. There is of course a difference in whether you want to full charge a device or charge and use at the same time. The Allpowers Solar Charger does both. The full charge time will vary, but the Allpowers charger will charge an Iphone to full charge in about 1.5 to 2.0 hours. You can also charge a tablet and a cell phone at the same time. You can of course get a little charge of the cells in the sun and have partial use. You can charge while using. The technology in the Allpowers charger delivers a fast charge for this type of charger.

Other devices the Allpowers Solar Charger charges

This Allpowers Solar charger is great because it is able to charge a variety of devices. A following is a list of devices that have been able to be charged with the Allpowers charger. Nexus 5, Blackberry, GPS Units, Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speaker and other devices. The Allpowers can also charge various smart phones and tablets. I phone 6 Plus 5s 5c 5 4s 4 and for Samsung Galaxy users this charger charges these versions S5 S4 S3 Note 4 3. You can see that the Allpowers charger is very versatile and is able to keep many different devices up and ready to use in this bust technological world we live in.

The design of the Allpowers Solar charger

The Allpowers Solar power charger has a great design. The fold up four 16watt monocrystalline PET solar panels are sleek looking and easily to unfold to collect the sun and then fold back up for easy storage. Folded the charger is about six inches wide and about nine inches long. Fully extended the charger is about thirty-one inches long.

If you are in search of an excellent solar power charger that is for tablets and cell phones then the Allpowers Solar Panel Charger is an excellent option. The materials are superior, the cost is reasonable, and the reliability is proven with the satisfied customers that have been able to maintain their cell phone use when there were no electrical outlets to be found. So if your looking to step into the future of helping to preserve the environment as well as maintain freedom from the electrical outlet then the ALLPOWERS™ 16W Solar Panel Charger with PowersIQ™ Fast Charging Technology External Power Pack is for you.





Anker 14W Solar Panel Foldable Dual-port Solar Charger with PowerIQ Technology

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

When you have small devices like cell phones and small tablets, and you need to have an extra source of power the Anker 14WSolar Panel Foldable Dual Port Solar Charger with Power IQ Technology is just the solar charger you need. With four high tech solar panels this solar charger has an ability to deliver a fast charge when you need it most, with plenty of sun of course. The main point is when there is no electricity this charger will keep you talking.

How does the Anker Solar Charger work?

The Anker 14W Solar Charger works by the mono-crystalline solar panels that fold up into a an approximate 11 by 7 book size item, but when you are ready to charge you unfold the panels which stretch to a little over 30 inches long. The panels need to be in full sunlight to be able to use. You can buy a battery pack to charge batteries. You can then take the battery pack with you or you can just put the solar pack on your backpack while you are walking and use your device at the same time. The excellent technology is designed for a fast charge.

How do I hook my phone up to this charger?

The Anker 14W Solar Charger has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. You will just need the cord that connects to your phone and a USB on the other side. The charger will recognize your device and begin charging when in full direct sunlight. This superior technology cost only $60.00 for the convenience of having your cell phone charge in places you may not be able to find an electric outlet, or you could just be out and about in the city or school and the pack can be open attached to you charging while you talk.

Where do I get the Anker 14W charger


The best place to purchase the Anker 14W solar charger is Amazon. Amazon carries the Anker 14W Solar charger under cell phone and accessories. There are 674 customer reviews with 4 and ½ stars, so many satisfied customers. The Anker solar charger sells for $59.99 with free shipping. It is a very inexpensive price to help save the planet and your wallet.

You may not have ever thought about a solar cell phone charger, but they really are extremely handy. For around $60.00 why not have that option always available to make sure that you have phone charge wherever you go. Of course, you have to have sunlight to use it but if you are outside then it is probably sunny out so this won’t be too much of a concern. Having this charger keeps you safe and helps preserve the environment depleting so much natural resource.

With it’s excellent technology the Anker 14W Solar panel foldable Dual-port, you can share with your friends, charger, also with Power IQ Technology will help you continue to talk when it is most important.


Levin Solstar Solar Charger 6000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Using a solar portable charger is very useful, and for light charging the LevinTM Solstar Solar Charger 6000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger is an excellent choice. The Levin charger is small, almost the size of a mini tablet and is all weather tested. It needs to be charged in full sunlight and it is a nice little handy device to have in your backpack for light use charging. The Levin solar charger is one of the top rated solar chargers on the market and also makes an excellent gift for anyone who owns a cellphone.

What can I expect from my Levin Charger?

The Levin solar charger is so cool because will a climber hook it attaches to your jeans or you backpack. You can get a 50 or 60 percent charge to you Iphone with the Levin solar charger. This is after a 7 or 8 hour charge in the sun. So you leave it in the Sun Monday and use it Tuesday, or you buy two and always have one ready when you need it. There are two USB ports so you can charge two devices or let your friend charge their phone.

What is inside the charger?

The Levin solar charger works by the sun collecting energy through the mono-crystalline solar panel set inside the durable neon colored frame. Then inside the whole device is a built in 5000 mAh Lithium polymer battery. The battery can take over 1000 recharges over its lifetime. So you will be able to use this for a while into the future.

Where do I get the Levin Solstar Solar Charger

Amazon is the perfect place to purchase the Levin Solstar Solar Charger. This charger sells for about $28.00 and can be found under cell phones and accessories. There are several different types of chargers but for light use this is one of the best and highly recommended. There are over two hundred positive reviews.

Here are many of the devices that the Levin charger charges IPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4, S3, S2, Note 3, Note 2, Most Kinds of Android Smart Phones ,Windows phone and More Other Devices. The apple adapter is not included so you will have to buy separately. Basically your phone connection on one end and the USB on the other to connect to the Levin charger will be good So you are planning to have a day in the city and you forgot to hook up your cell phone nbut the charge is low.

If you have a Levin Solstar charger you have nothing to worry about. Who wants to be caught with no cell phone juice? it is embarrassing! but when you have a back up charger in your pocket ready to go then you look as intelligent as you are. So for light charging of your cellphone and other small devices consider buying the LevinTM Solstar Solar Charger 6000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger.


ALLPOWERS™ Solar Panel Charger 10000mAh Dual-Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

So if you have a solar power charger that is for you cell phone and small devices for when you are camping for and such, Chargers you may also want to have a backup battery pack, the ALLPOWERS Solar Panel Charger 10000mAh Dual-Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack. cheap mlb jerseys The back-up pil battery pack is just another extra way to have back up and this way you can ?Blaumann leave the solar cheap nba jerseys panel to charge and have back up while you are out enjoying life.

What to expect from my AllPowers external Battery Backup?

So you are simply attaching this via USB pot to your solar charger and it is giving you the same thing as your solar charger does yet your solar charger can stay back at the camp while you take your backup battery to use. This device has state of the art technology that delivers a very fats charge to you cell phone or Post tablet. These are some of the many devices that can be charged wholesale jerseys on this device the iPhone 6 plus 5S, 5C, cheap mlb jerseys 5, 4S, 4, iPad Air, iPods, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 3, Note 2, Gopro Camera, most androids and smart phone scan be charged with this backup. With a full charge the ALLPOWERS backup battery pack device will charge five Iphones, three Galaxies, and one Ipad mini.

Where do I get the ALLPOWERS external battery?

Amazon is the best place to get the ALLPOWERS SOLARPANEL BACKUP Power Pack. The power pack runs about 29.99 and has hundreds of positive reviews. ALLPOWERS is a leading brand when it comes to solar charging products. This battery backup uses superior inside technology to ensure that you are able to use your cell phone wherever you need to go, and especially when there are no electrical outlets.

What is the battery pack made of?

The battery pack consists of Li-ion polymer cells and microchips. There are two USB ports on the backup pack so you and a friend can charge your devices or if you have a tablet and a phone that needs charging you are okay. If the device overheats then the device will automatically shut off for everyone’s protection.
The ALLPOWERS™ Solar Panel Charger 10000mAh Dual-Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack is a very useful device to have in Panels+MC4 your purse, briefcase, or backpack. You know that there are times in life, and wholesale nfl jerseys quite often, where you are stuck not being able to charge your phone. Mostly, not having to wait near the wall while the phone is being charged is incentive enough to want to have this device. This way you can keep moving while your phone is being charged. The inexpensive price makes this purchase very easy hop over to this website.

So if you are looking to have the freedom Porn from the grid for a little while, and help save the environment than purchase the ALLPOWERS™ Solar Panel Charger 10000mAh Dual-Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack here.


200W Mono Solar Bundle: 2 Pcs 100w Solar Panels+MC4 ADAPTOR KIT+PWM 30A Charge Controller

4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

If you’ve ever wanted to try getting your electricity from solar power panels then this 200W Mono Solar Bundle is for you. Can you imagine paying less in electricity every month, well you can with solar power panels. Yes, you have Solar to pay out the initial $400 but if you add up the years of saving money than $400 is nothing compared to the thousands of #4 dollars you’ll save over the years.

Below are the components of the 200W Mono Solar Bundle


  • 2-100W Solar Panels=200watts
  • 1-MC4 Adapter Kit connects controller to panels
  • 1-PWM 30AMP Charge Controller-control center


To give an indication of what kind of electricity these solar panels provide a regular household uses about 30kwh a Power day or over 900kwh a month which is a lot. A cabin uses about 30-70 kwh a month. You are not going to use this product to power your entire house but you will be able to use this in a camper or to assist in different places of your home and take some pressure off the electric bill. It is an excellent way to start getting use to solar power so that if you desire you can get off the grid entirely.

Description of what you are getting in the 200W Mono Solar Bundle

The two solar panels of course are what you put out in the direct sunlight to draw the suns energy. Then wholesale mlb jerseys the MC4 adapter kit is the cables that connect cheap jerseys from China the solar panels to the PWM 30Amp charge controller. The controller looks and acts much like your air conditioner electric thermostat. You will have a battery connected to the controller as well that is getting charged Design by the sun and then the other connection is wherever you want the electricity to go, lights, radio, cell phone charger, etc. Make sure that whatever you connect is not too much for the system to carry.

You Will Need To Buy A Battery To Conduct The Electricity

The suns energy has to be converted into an understandable system for our household appliances Best and the battery is what does this. So not only do you need cheap nba jerseys the above starter kit you also need to buy a battery. Up to a 12V battery is what most solar panels use but follow cheap jerseys the directions of the kit and make sure that you are buying the proper voltage and style so that everything runs safely and smoothly.

Saving money and the environment is the trend now and for the future. Trying out solar power panels is a great way to start the process of living off the grid and utilizing one of the greatest sources of energy, the sun. With a little help and understanding it is quite an easy process to experience getting electricity from solar panels by using the 200W Mono Solar Bundle.


The Four Best Solar Chargers for Laptops

A Solar Panel Laptop Charger is an incredibly useful tool to have if you are going to be to somewhere where there is low or no electricity. Campers and hikers are just some of the people who would use a solar power laptop charger. Voltaic and Poweradd are two of the best brands that make solar laptop chargers. Below are four of the top rated solar panel laptop chargers.

Here are a few important points when buying a solar power laptop charger.

  • 12V to 18V needed to charge laptop anything below is just for cell phones
  • most common are foldable solar panels for easy storage

All Powers, Poweradd, and The Solar Roll are among the most reputable solar power laptop chargers in the business.

1. The All Powers charges your laptop fast, delivering a 2 amp charge. This charger has 18V and 28W and with these the strength to charge a laptop as well as devices from cell phones to laptops. This brand runs about $119 usually but is sold on Amazon for . Buy it now

2. Poweradd’s 23000 Apollo Pro is 19V and wholesale NBA jerseys below to handle charging a laptop in the most remote of areas with a full cheap NBA jerseys sun charge. It runs about $119 and is compact. This Media one is small so it is easy to store or put in Formation your purse. Get yours now.

3. Sold by Goalzero the Sherpa 50 Solar kit is an excellent solar powered charger that effectively will allow you to use your laptop and other smaller devices where there is no electricity. The power output is with USB. The voltage is 12V and AC. This is enough for the use of your laptop, tablet, cell phone, and other small devices. The different voltage with different devices has to do with the design of the charger. Sherpa 50 with it’s excellent modern design will cost about $300-350 here.

4. A bit of a different option and top rated is the Voltaic systems 1022 Array Solar Backpack. This has all the same capability wholesale NBA jerseys as the other foldable solar laptop chargers but it is compacted into a backpack so there is no folding and unfolding and you can store your laptop in this backpack or other items. You can also carry this Is on your back on a trip. You can get a 30 min runtime on your laptop in one and a half hours in direct sunlight. This solar backpack cost about $400 on Amazon.

These four solar power laptop chargers are among the highest rated and used laptops chargers in the business. Their prices vary yet they will allow you to use your laptop and other devices when you do things such as hiking, camping, or moving around to locations that just don’t have electric sources Chargers for you to power your devices. These chargers not only power your laptop but also your cell phones, tablets, and ereaders as well. Staying connected is important wherever you go, and these top five solar panel laptop chargers will keep your communication open by supplying you with a power source for your laptop.


Image Name Price Watts Description  
The Array 10W solar backpack $578.96 10W – 11 hours in the sun to fully charge a laptop
– 1 hour in the sun will result in 40mins of laptop use
– light weight and waterproof
Panel Charger
$65.99 16W – can charge more then one thing at a time
– charges a phone within 2 hours
– very slow at charging laptops
Poweradd™ Apollo Pro
23000mAh High
Capacity Solar Panel
$25.99 19W – 4 LED indicators to tell you how much power you have left
– takes 38 hours for the solar device to be fully charged
Goal Zero 42005 Sherpa 50
Silver/Black Solar Recharging
Kit with Inverter
$369.98 50W – takes 5-10 hours for the solar device to be fully charged.
– Charges a laptop in 1-3 hours.
– compact and lightweight