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200W Mono Solar Bundle: 2 Pcs 100w Solar Panels+MC4 ADAPTOR KIT+PWM 30A Charge Controller

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If you’ve ever wanted to try getting your electricity from solar power panels then this 200W Mono Solar Bundle is for you. Can you imagine paying less in electricity every month, well you can with solar power panels. Yes, you have Solar to pay out the initial $400 but if you add up the years of saving money than $400 is nothing compared to the thousands of #4 dollars you’ll save over the years.

Below are the components of the 200W Mono Solar Bundle


  • 2-100W Solar Panels=200watts
  • 1-MC4 Adapter Kit connects controller to panels
  • 1-PWM 30AMP Charge Controller-control center


To give an indication of what kind of electricity these solar panels provide a regular household uses about 30kwh a Power day or over 900kwh a month which is a lot. A cabin uses about 30-70 kwh a month. You are not going to use this product to power your entire house but you will be able to use this in a camper or to assist in different places of your home and take some pressure off the electric bill. It is an excellent way to start getting use to solar power so that if you desire you can get off the grid entirely.

Description of what you are getting in the 200W Mono Solar Bundle

The two solar panels of course are what you put out in the direct sunlight to draw the suns energy. Then wholesale mlb jerseys the MC4 adapter kit is the cables that connect cheap jerseys from China the solar panels to the PWM 30Amp charge controller. The controller looks and acts much like your air conditioner electric thermostat. You will have a battery connected to the controller as well that is getting charged Design by the sun and then the other connection is wherever you want the electricity to go, lights, radio, cell phone charger, etc. Make sure that whatever you connect is not too much for the system to carry.

You Will Need To Buy A Battery To Conduct The Electricity

The suns energy has to be converted into an understandable system for our household appliances Best and the battery is what does this. So not only do you need cheap nba jerseys the above starter kit you also need to buy a battery. Up to a 12V battery is what most solar panels use but follow cheap jerseys the directions of the kit and make sure that you are buying the proper voltage and style so that everything runs safely and smoothly.

Saving money and the environment is the trend now and for the future. Trying out solar power panels is a great way to start the process of living off the grid and utilizing one of the greatest sources of energy, the sun. With a little help and understanding it is quite an easy process to experience getting electricity from solar panels by using the 200W Mono Solar Bundle.


The Four Best Solar Chargers for Laptops

A Solar Panel Laptop Charger is an incredibly useful tool to have if you are going to be to somewhere where there is low or no electricity. Campers and hikers are just some of the people who would use a solar power laptop charger. Voltaic and Poweradd are two of the best brands that make solar laptop chargers. Below are four of the top rated solar panel laptop chargers.

Here are a few important points when buying a solar power laptop charger.

  • 12V to 18V needed to charge laptop anything below is just for cell phones
  • most common are foldable solar panels for easy storage

All Powers, Poweradd, and The Solar Roll are among the most reputable solar power laptop chargers in the business.

1. The All Powers charges your laptop fast, delivering a 2 amp charge. This charger has 18V and 28W and with these the strength to charge a laptop as well as devices from cell phones to laptops. This brand runs about $119 usually but is sold on Amazon for . Buy it now

2. Poweradd’s 23000 Apollo Pro is 19V and wholesale NBA jerseys below to handle charging a laptop in the most remote of areas with a full cheap NBA jerseys sun charge. It runs about $119 and is compact. This Media one is small so it is easy to store or put in Formation your purse. Get yours now.

3. Sold by Goalzero the Sherpa 50 Solar kit is an excellent solar powered charger that effectively will allow you to use your laptop and other smaller devices where there is no electricity. The power output is with USB. The voltage is 12V and AC. This is enough for the use of your laptop, tablet, cell phone, and other small devices. The different voltage with different devices has to do with the design of the charger. Sherpa 50 with it’s excellent modern design will cost about $300-350 here.

4. A bit of a different option and top rated is the Voltaic systems 1022 Array Solar Backpack. This has all the same capability wholesale NBA jerseys as the other foldable solar laptop chargers but it is compacted into a backpack so there is no folding and unfolding and you can store your laptop in this backpack or other items. You can also carry this Is on your back on a trip. You can get a 30 min runtime on your laptop in one and a half hours in direct sunlight. This solar backpack cost about $400 on Amazon.

These four solar power laptop chargers are among the highest rated and used laptops chargers in the business. Their prices vary yet they will allow you to use your laptop and other devices when you do things such as hiking, camping, or moving around to locations that just don’t have electric sources Chargers for you to power your devices. These chargers not only power your laptop but also your cell phones, tablets, and ereaders as well. Staying connected is important wherever you go, and these top five solar panel laptop chargers will keep your communication open by supplying you with a power source for your laptop.


Image Name Price Watts Description  
The Array 10W solar backpack $578.96 10W – 11 hours in the sun to fully charge a laptop
– 1 hour in the sun will result in 40mins of laptop use
– light weight and waterproof
Panel Charger
$65.99 16W – can charge more then one thing at a time
– charges a phone within 2 hours
– very slow at charging laptops
Poweradd™ Apollo Pro
23000mAh High
Capacity Solar Panel
$25.99 19W – 4 LED indicators to tell you how much power you have left
– takes 38 hours for the solar device to be fully charged
Goal Zero 42005 Sherpa 50
Silver/Black Solar Recharging
Kit with Inverter
$369.98 50W – takes 5-10 hours for the solar device to be fully charged.
– Charges a laptop in 1-3 hours.
– compact and lightweight

Best Solar Panel Phone Chargers

Most of us won’t survive without a charged cell phone and it is possible to keep your cell phone charged with one of the best solar panel phone chargers. Why worry about finding a plug to charge your phone when you can charge it with a solar panel phone charger. Technology has advanced and there are several very good solar panel phone chargers to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the top brands and models.

Things to consider when buying Solar Panel Phone Chargers

  • price range between $20.00 and no more than $100.00
  • is it lightweight to carry easily
  • does it have the right connection for your phone

The CGS1250 Solar Power Cell Phone Charger by Concept Green

If you are going for a day where there are no chargers than the CGS1250 cell charger by Concept Green is for you. Why not save a little in electricity and use 001) the CGS1250 that will provide ten hour talk time for your cell phone. The mini or micro USB is the connecting capability as well as the 30 pin Iphone charging connection. The charger takes 18 hours in the sun to charge and comes at a lower price. It can be charged about four hours if you charge it by a USB. The blue light flashes brightly when the device is fully charged and ready Soccer to use. The CGS1250 is a little over $20.00 and a great buy for a useful tool.


The JOOS Orange Is a Heavy Duty Cell Phone Charger Great For The Camper

For more money, yet you get more, the JOOS Orange solar power cell phone charger takes less time to charge, about 12 hours. It has a micro USB so any cord that’s fits any phone with the micro USB on one end can stay charged with this solar power charger. In very bright sunshine about one hour of charge to the solar panels will give about a two hour charge to a cell phone. Once charged this solar panel cell phone charger will hold it’s charge for years. You can also charge an e-reader and other devices as well.

For Shady Spots and Overcast Days The Solio Xcellerator + Hub is the way to go


It takes about ninety minutes to charge a cell phone to it’s full charge from a redline battery. The Solio Xcellerator + Hub costs about $90.00. The panel charges in four to six hours in the sunlight and four hours with standard electricity through a магнитным USB port. You can carry your hub and use while the Nuevo panel is charging back at camp or home. The device has an LED light that indicates battery strength and whether fully charged or not. The best part of the Solio Xcellerator +Hub is that the cheap nba jerseys technology is well advanced that in low light and shade the solar panel is still working strong to get a charge so you have power when you need it.

The CGS1250 Начало works fine for someone on the budget. The JOOS Orange and the Solio Xcellerator + Hub for around a hundred dollars are very durable and useful solar power cell phone chargers. Solar power cell phone chargers are so useful in the event you are in a position where you need cell power and wholesale mlb jerseys there are no outlets. Sometimes there are none available and other times you are cheap jerseys just not where an outlet is. Whatever your reason, these examples are among the very best of cheap jerseys the solar power cell phone chargers.

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