Reasons Your Home Should Have a Solar Water Heater

Reasons Your Home Should Have a Solar Water Heater

The biggest advantage of having solar energy or heating is the fact that it completely relies on the sun and will not give you recurring power bills the way that electricity, gas, and other sources of power do. More and more homes in the United States are turning to solar energy to make their lives cheaper and more sustainable. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why your home should have a solar water heater.

Reasons Your Home Should Have a Solar Water Heater

Reasons Your Home Should Have a Solar Water Heater

Fighting climate change

Water heating takes up to 17% of the total usage of energy in any home, and this is usually done using electricity and natural gas or fossil fuels. This in turn increases the carbon footprint amongst other greenhouse emissions. Solar is the best way to combat this.

Protecting air quality

Many people use electricity, which is generated by burning coal, to generate it, when they are heating water. This causes air pollution, something that can be stopped by use of solar heating.

Protecting water quality

Power plants are a source for releasing mercury and other toxic material into our natural water bodies. These are substances that pose a major health threat to the environment and can be best tackled by the use of solar heating systems.

Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Water heating doesn’t necessarily have to be for water that is only used inside the house, it could also be for heating pool water. Pools are some of the best ways to exercise and have fun, and common in many homes. In this article, we are now going to review some of the best above ground robotic pool cleaners.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

This pol cleaner rids the pool of dirt and algae using the HyperBrush scrubbing technology that is effective and fast. HyperGrip rubber tracks ensure that the whole surface of the pool is covered. It features SmartNav robotic scanning to clean every inch of the pool without overlapping.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

This is a strong cleaner that vacuums and micro-filters dirt, debris, and other contaminants on the pool floor. The filtration is excellent in this cleaner that is powered by a 24-volt pump motor with excellent suction. The floating cable is 40 feet long, getting rid of leaves, sand, dirt, algae, and even small twigs.

Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner

​Lightweight and compact, this pool cleaner vaccums and scrubs well, coming with an in-built tracking technology that works on dirty spots. It is intelligent and automatically changes direction, coming with a 40 feet cord to cover a wide area.


You too can install solar energy into your home, and it could be the best decision that you’ve ever made. You will cut down on bills greatly, and also help in sustaining the environment. You can enjoy hot baths and swims courtesy of the free energy that is provided by the sun. if you own a pool, you might want to consider getting one of the pool cleaners reviewed above for the best effortless results.