Tips for Choosing Solar Pool Lighting

Solar powered and electric lights are a great innovations of today’s modern era. They can add a great ambiance to your pool side area during night time. Lighting is very important for night time swimming because it provides safety while adding much needed beauty to the environment. Solar pool lighting is a very eco-friendly option for your pools. These lights comes in variety of styles and shapes. Following ways will help you choose solar pool lighting easily:

Tips for Choosing Solar Pool Lighting

Tips for Choosing Solar Pool Lighting

Choose Solar Lighting For Safety and Security:

  • Illuminate the path along pool side: Solar pool lights are good for pathways. These lights are much brighter in comparison to ambient lights so you can easily put them in long pathways. You can illuminate the path along your pool with these lights to secure your area.
  • Place light on stairs: Adding light to all stairs of the pool is very important. It will prevent you from tripping and falling into the water.
  • Lights on sides of the pool: Solar pool lights that attach to the side of your pools is a great option. It points downwards into the water to illuminate the floor.
  • Lights on motion sensors: For security purposes motion sensor lights are a great idea. They will turn on themselves when someone will walk by.
  • Wall- lights and Mini Flood lights: To light up areas like your front and back door you can choose bright lights that will provide sufficient light to the whole area. Mini flood lights are a great option to illuminate pool side for security. You can easily watch over water level with wall lights because they brighten up the complete area.

When it comes to safety and security, it’s also important to have the right kind of pool fence. A lot of factors and features need to be considered when it comes to purchasing a pool fence such as color, UV resistance and much more! If you’re confused about which type of pool fence to get, check out this best pool fence guide 2018.

Decorating your pool with solar lighting:

Solar lights are perfect for decorating purposes. You can highlight all the areas of your pool sides that you love with spotlights. They can be used to put your guest’s focus on things you’d like them to see during night time such as sculptures and architectural highlights. You can also provide a soft glow to your pool by adding other solar floating lights. They are usually surrounded with colorful glass, small lanterns or decorative shades.

Solar Lights are steady:

High quality solar lights can provide steady light to your pool side. They are very reliable if they get enough sunlight during the day. They will provide enough light as long as you have enough sunlight to charge the batteries of these lights.

Easy In installation:

If you want something that is easy to install than solar powered lights are the best choice for you. You can hang mostly solar powered lights easily with a wire. These lights are also easily fixed and replaced if needed.

Save Your Electricity:

Use solar powered lights to save your electricity because these lights are powered by the sun. The solar lights contain a battery inside which is charged during daytime with help of sunlight. They do not add costs to your electricity bill. The only negative impact of these lights is that you need to place them in areas where they can get complete sunlight during the day.