Tips for Setting up A Gaming Room in Your Solar Equipped Home

If you ever thought that you will have to say goodbye to all of your favorite energy consuming home entertainment devices then you are very wrong.  It is important to keep an eye on energy consumption when you are operating a home on solar energy alone.  Too much energy consumption can drain your battery packs overnight and leave you with a blackout.  Most homeowners that function through solar energy choose their electrical devices very carefully to also ensure that the device doesn’t draw particularly high wattage.  Kettles and electric boilers are two examples of electric devices that are not suitable for most solar systems.  These devices draw just too much energy.

Plenty of people love to enjoy gaming from a desktop PC.  Desktop computers are much more diverse when it comes to gaming and work.  They are also great for online gaming as well as other activities like streaming.  But will a computer function well on solar energy?

Tips for Setting up A Gaming Room in Your Solar Equipped Home

Tips for Setting up A Gaming Room in Your Solar Equipped Home

How much power does a computer use

The average computer with speakers and a printer consumes around 200 W per hour.  In standby mode, your computer uses three times less power than when it is actively in use. A computer that is actively used for 6 hours consumes around 16KW for the night.  You can, however, make some modifications to make your PC consume a lot less energy.  For example, take out the speakers and switch over to simple earphones.  Switch off the printer and any other additional gear that you might not be using.

Can you run a computer on solar energy?

Most home solar systems like an average 3Kw PV array system are perfectly fine for handling a fridge, all your lights, TV set and everything else.  Running your PC on the system shouldn’t be a problem if you have a big enough battery pack.  It might, however, be smart to keep your homes energy consumption low if you are planning on an all-nighter.  A backup generator can also help you out whenever you run out of energy when you are just having too much fun.

What else will you need for your gaming room?

Now that you know that it is possible to enjoy your PC on solar energy, you probably cannot wait to start shopping, right.  Well here are a few other tips for a great gaming room in your solar home;

  • The right desk can prevent a lot of backaches if you are enjoying your gaming PC for long periods of time. High Ground Gaming is a great review site where you can check out all of the best gaming desks that are perfect for your gaming room.  See more here and get a look at some of the best gaming desks that money can buy.
  • A gaming chair can also make it a lot more comfortable to enjoy long hours of gaming. Don’t buy an office chair, choose a gaming chair specifically.
  • Stock up on solar lights that you can use for backup in case your energy packs are getting low.
  • You can invest in two monitors or a big monitor for your PC but it is best to run just one smaller monitor if you are playing all night long.

Hopefully, these tips will enable you to have a great time on your PC even though you are living off the grid.